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jr. office tells us why he has been out of action. live with what we know. >> in the absence of credible information concern about the well-being of the longest serving a 47 year-old congressman has been growing brief statement from doctors may do little to ease the concern. congressmen preceding intensive medical treatment at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder responding positively to treatment. that is everything. few words followed frenetic day some rev. jesse jackson of avoiding the press but first time a 41 year history of the conference of rainbow push coalition. his wife alderman sandi jackson who suggested earlier in the day statement from her husband's doctor is likely coming soon after chorus of calls from his fellow democrats to tell constituents some think. compassion that governor pat quinn. wirth pointed out never reported anything about the alcohol or substance abuse not long after the spokesperson of congressman jesse jackson jr. delivered how he is doing. >> mood disorder what they are telling us what exactly does that mean? talking with
went dark at u.s. 30 and broadway. across the border of aurora rockford and the city of chicago ranked the worst over 400 crews worked tirelessly working to restore power to hundreds of thousands without it the heat is expected to crank up again tomorrow and that has plenty of people anxious. this church was reportedly struck by lightning on the west sign, this people all but gone. i thought i was dreaming that i heard a few things falling off the shelf in the bedroom then i heard her screaming and hollering to try to get into the bedroom doors but they wouldn't open because they were caving in. we ran out the back door and everything, the floor started caving in, the roof started caving canada. >>in. >> it's hard to believe when you consider the level of devastation we have seen in all parts of our area it may take until thursday for power to be fully restored in this area. some advice from the professionals tonight if you see any downed power lines to stay away from them, he could have them check it out if in fact you discover one also check on your neighbors especially in light o
fallen the building collapsing on the city's far south side. good afternoon everyone think for joining us today. >> skycam 9 was over the scene earlier. this happened and the west pullma neighborn code. fire officials rescued a man after they responded to a building collapse before 10:00 a.m. this morning. early reports indicate the roof did cave in there is no report of any other people inside of the building at the time of the collapse. upon arrival we got one person out of the building. we sent a ladder to the victim and then we had him brought to the hospital. >> three teenagers have been charged as adults and the brutal beating death of the 62 year-old man and the whole beating was videotaped and then posted to facebook. >> we are outside of the cook county criminal courts building where the three suspects are now appearing before judge. >> all three teenagers are in court today. the 16 year-old has been charged with first-degree murder and has been held without bail the 17 year-old and 18 year-old are both charged with first-degree murder and robbery. the attack on the 62 year-old
the us coast guard and other agencies are out again... searching in lake michigan off northwest indiana. they're looking for a 15year-old boy who disappeared while swimming with friends. wgn's tonya francisco has the latest on the search. the search resumed after 7:00 this morning with sonar technology at the bottom of lake michigan ... we have learned more about the victim ... the 15 year-old was from portage indiana he was to be a freshman in the fall he is one of four children ... his mother christine is here watching the recovery operation but her fiancee said that she's not handling things well he came out and made a statement ... >>this is not something you want to deal with ... not the kind of call that you want to get ... hopefully nobody has to deal with this ... it is not fun ... no parent ever wants to have to go through something like this >>cory went swimming yesterday to escape the heat he was in no case swimmer and stood on a sandbar off shore when he accidentally stepped offer was knocked off by a rogue wave he went under and did not come back up a friend who swam ash
news began to settle land that native son in the u.s. petty navy officer john laird died saving another life shielding his girlfriend from a hail of gunfire inside that now infamous cedar in all rourke colorado his last act on earth. theater in all aurora colorado, his last act on earth. this is the same guy with the same mindset would have jumped on you or me or another body from afghanistan to protect them the boy was a hero there's absolutely no doubt in my mind about that. it's tough. i was in the service and we understand what went on in this young man's mind you never know how you were going to act. and the man act like a hero there is absolutely no doubt. a lot of incredible people turned out here today funeral services will be held privately throughout this ideal his family has been asking for their privacy saying they will talk about this when they are ready to no sign they will be ready to do that anytime soon. one chicago alderman is significantly softening his once a hard line stance against chick-fil-a. every year we pick a new city to explore. but thanks to hotwire, th
some help and somebody else can come in to assist us in this problem. it's a lot calmer than meetings past, it's been very well-received they want to be moving as quickly as next week to get scrubbers in place cleaning out the villages wells while the village looks to lake michigan for a longer term, maybe permanent solution. >> undersea advisory until 10:00 tonight hitting 100 degrees for the fifth time this year it's a double emmy for people without power. whammy for people without power. >> it's been a difficult few days to say the least for people living without electricity the storm struck yesterday leaving 3000 customers to fend for themselves in blistering heat, only 3200 customers remain without power at this hour overall, 600 of them reside in chicago, we're told about 99 percent of people are back on line of for the unlucky one percent and they wait and they sweat, that was the case in this south shore neighborhood, until the lights finally came back on just a few moments ago behind me. all open hydrants, the chicago fire departments will tell you it's no but try telling th
us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's amy rutledge is live in joliet with details on today's hearing: drew peterson walked into the courtroom looking the same ... he had the same confidence he glanced at us with a sly smile ... he is on trial for the murder of his wife kathleen savio ... this is an evidentiary hearing both sides are gearing what are to be permissible in court as evidence ... there's an animated video that the state wants to produce to argue its case against him along with certain witness statements ... defense attorneys cannot give us many details but what everyone is concerned about is jury selection people were assembled to two years ago when this initially began with all the attention the case has garnered sense including a made for television movie the judge concedes that sitting a jury will not be easy ... >>you don't know the effects of that movie ... things like that can make picking a jury difficult ... they may have lost a third of the original jury pool ... questionnaires had been sent to the original pool defense prosecuto
medical center with severe internal injuries. a pro-gun group will use money it received from chicago's firearm buyback program... to help fund a gun-oriented youth summer camp. the group, "guns save life" is based in downstate illinois. they run an n.r.a. kid's camp in bloomington. last month, they turned in more than 60 guns to the buy-back program, and collected more than $6,000 in gift cards. organizers say they'll use the money to pay for ammunition and rifles for group's gun safety and marksmanship program. a chicago police spokeswoman says the group "is abusing a program intended to increase the safety of our communities." a community alert has been issued for the bridgeport neighborhood; after several robberies in the area. the incidents took place between june 26th and 30th. on wentworth avenue between 22nd and 27th streets. anyone with information is asked to call police. ... mayor emanuel is about to spend $300,000 to fight aids invoice from a chicago private parking co. who claims it is owed millions by the city ... he plans to develop software that will get an accurate c
the and we don't need to have more money taken away from us. >> the money needs to come from somewhere and everybody has to pay the price. it's affected a lot of hard-working pension and i probably won't even have a pension when it comes down to it. >> we do not face these challenges in the city or the states because our republican employees in taxpayers did everything wrong, they did what was required of them every pay stub we are here today because those in positions of responsibility in my view did not hold up their end of the bargain. no they didn't if you measure the five state pension funds which ranked dead last the worst fiscal shape it in the country in part because politicians avoided paying into the funds, this year the pension fund topped $7 billion, we're looking at every penny going into pension systems that's how dire this is. >> it hurts the taxpayers the regular employees because these pension funds are in danger of running out of money. they along with a handful of other democrats and republicans sat back for two decades watching the state's pension free-fall we are
... i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the internet amy rutledge has the top story today it's more like a ghost town at the beach ... the heat wave is more than uncomfortable ... even the cooling waters of lake michigan is not pulling chicagoans outdoors ... it's more like a desert than an oasis ... >>this is my puppy trying to beat the heat he takes breaks and passes out on the ground we have water with us ... we were at columbus and roosevelt grit heat buckled a cement road yesterday ... >>we're looking what we can do in the short term vs. long-term its concrete we would like to pour that concrete but it's probably too hot outside ... officials warned this could continue at other locations it's not the only heat related transportation problem ... metra is warning riders of systemwide delays because of reduced speeds for those he stressed tracks ... the medical examiner reports there have been for heat related deaths since saturday ... we're warned today is where the big danger lies ... he can have a cumulati
viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's robert jordan is in the newsroom with our top story. the state has gathered enough information to file 142 criminal counts against james homes... in connectiong with the movie theater shootings... and his booby trapped apartment. in court this morning.. while we is allegded to have killed 12 people he was charged with 24 counts of first degree murder. -- the double count likely comes from a charge called depraived and intentional murder. he was also charged with 16-counts of attempted first degree murder. he also is charged with 1 count of possessing explosives found in his apartment. the last time james holmes was in court we had the first opportunity to see the man accused of killing 12 people and wounding dozens more for today's appearance no cameras were alone in the court room he heard prosecutors read in long list of chargers from the our aurora colorado studer rampage 10 days after he shot up a crowded midnight showing of the new batman movie ... the former neuroscience student allegedly s
on the use of water from the wells. water could be used for drinking they think cooking or other normal use. the mayor broke the good news packed public meeting tonight simply cannot believe this. >> they tell me i cannot make ice but the water cannot make anything hot with the water what to do? >> business owners a mandatory meeting told to use the water or nothing and not even washing dishes. doing everything we possibly can >> sums up the way residents here feel. told reporters getting closer source of the contamination yet to offer any specifics live >> he swore an oath to uphold the law now chicago officer could go to jail for breaking this edward howard jr convicted aggravated battery prosecutor said he repeatedly slapped a handcuffed suspect knocking him down causing several cuts and bruises one of three people park arrested in lot fast-food restaurant 79th and vincennes october 2010 edward howard jr facing up to five years behind bars sentenced next month. ultimate political punishment has not happened in a century several lawmakers recommend expelling the indicted rep. derrick
and that is drew peterson so we're going to use that knowledge in helping us select the jury. there were two delays today one was a prosecution motion for the judge to allow all shares say evidence into the murder trial itself. the other was this afternoon when the judge publicly admonish all of the jurors. we are being told that those attorneys are now on their way down if they say anything of importance of course we will bring it to you. >> the world got its first look today at the man accused of slaughtering people in a colorado movie theater james holmes with his hair dyed bright orange, the 24 year-old defendant was silent in mostly kept his eyes downcast the judge read him his rights in denied bond, he alone shot 70 people killing 12 and a theater in all aurora i would say there is no such thing as a slam-dunk case, the investigation will continue up to trial. it's been reported that holmes is not cooperating with police he is expected to be formally charged with at least 12 counts of first-degree murder next monday, an attorney for his family should a statement saying it reporter did not ge
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'm dina bair we welcome our audience joining us around america on wgn america and on the web ... nancy loo has the top story michael haynes was set to leave for new york on tuesday but instead of preparing for his departure his family is preparing for his funeral many here are in mourning wondering what could have been ... >>i was just hoping that if i did fall asleep and i would wake up and it would be a dream ... and it's not and it hurts ... >>today the family of michael haynes is in disbelief still stunned that their six-foot 7 in. gentle giant will not play basketball again or ever be around ... the high-school basketball star was set to leave tuesday for iona college in new york fulfilling his dream to play division 1 basketball he was shot and killed yesterday at around 5:00 trying to break up a fight near 116th ... a friend nearby ran to find him and his favorite hat lying on the sidewalk ... >>i saw that he was hit i said he was gone ... >>his friends drove him to hospital where he was pronounced dead ... his former prom date was expecting him for dinner ... >>i couldn't
wander and if you have a backyard pool make sure you empty the pool after it is used or have it fenced so people can not drown if they wander into your yard ... >>know the limitations of your abilities >>if co-op in a rip current flap float follow do not fight the current ... cook county president toni preckwinkle has appointed a new county medical examiner. doctor stephen cina is currently the associate medical director of the university of miamis tissue bank. commissioners.. he will replace dr. nancy jones. jones announced her retirement last month after a backup of bodies at the county morgue came to light. a massive infrastructure project that's expected to create 20,000 jobs is coming to the chicago area. governor quinn will sign into law this afternoon the next phase of the "illinois jobs now" capital plan. the cost of the work is estimated at 1.6 billion dollars. among the projects: the resurfacing of nearly 100 main streets in chicago and the overhaul of the wells street bridge over the chicago river. as well as installing vaulted sidewalks and accessible ramps on portions of
tell us about the decision how dangerous to cancel not only fourth of july fireworks also the parade >> question of health and safety the trees and knocked down the parade still out there simply cannot get to and the next few days by wednesday tuesday afternoon for the sake of the park at the fireworks. wires are still down they cannot guarantee done by wednesday. clean up for the parade main street and the fireworks show at grant park question of execution public safety is still many trees down grant park and a main street couple of streets still closed. tough decision park district has worked almost 100 different units signed up sponsorships that whole thing which will be addressed. four- five hours not any backup plan on what we can do. >> no postponement announcement. briefly what is the state of emergency >> it will allow us to view the cost exactly to be built threshold on this certain dollar figure we can reset the application state or federal funds to help this back together >> thank you very much for joining us live. as the mayor said several trees down and the park it
sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. firefighters are at the scene of a house explosion in will county at this hour. the explosion happened at 25831 redstone in manhattan... a village about 50 miles southwest of chicago. we have no information yet about the cause ... or if anyone was injured. we will continue to cover this story, and bring you more details as we learn them. a cook county corrections officer is killed in a hit-and- run crash... now police are searching for the driver. wgn's nancy loo is live near cook county jail... here outside the jail you can see a small memorial ... many are demanding the driver that was responsible to the right thing after causing the death of a devoted officer loving mother and heroic bakes sister >>i wish whoever did this would turn themselves and ... she didn't deserve this ... >>she lived her dream and became an officer and she died being her she wanted to be it's just tragic how she'd had to die ... they're desperate for the capture of the hit-and-run drive
steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on w-g-n america and on the web. wgn's jae miller is live outside united baptist church... to tell us how officer nikkii bostic- jones is being remembered: many told us about the need for a stop sign near where she was killed ... >>something ought to be done we have had officers hit in front at 26 and california we had nearly four officers struck there something needs to be done i hope the right people are listening and let's make an effort and it should be dedicated in her honor ... following today's funeral there will be a procession to 29 california where she worked and was ultimately killed from their share will be laid to rest in alsip at the cemetery there ... chicago police are looking for the driver of a car who hit a woman on the west side ... leaving her in critical condition. the woman was hit at lake and pulaski just after nine o'clock last night. the car was last seen heading east on lake street. police have not released a description of the vehicle. the woman is being tre
in front of us when he was climbing the monkey bars he reached up grabbed one of the bars into it literally fell down to the dirt. she said shoes that were supposed to be donated to charity ended up in the trash the next day and it didn't take long before complaints started hitting facebook. most of it directed at the organizer joe the website went inactive and he deleted his facebook account. leaving the question is did he take the money and run. he made between 200-$2,000 where's the money going joe. >> he was in tears when we spoke to him today. >> there was no scam or anything of the sort i wanted to have a great event it just fell short of expectations and a way short of mine. >> this was the first time this day at home that planned an event like this, he said everything that could go wrong did, volunteers did show up and volunteers were late. he said just as promised to checks for a few thousand dollars have been mailed to two charities. although he wouldn't tell us exactly how much money was made. they said: we have no current or prior affiliation with mr. bizari. .. >> it was a
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enoughcern us... except heat and humidity over the enxt few dnext few days >> today's bad weather made for some harrowing experiences for kayakers on the chicago river. police and firefighters rescued 62 people including some children after their kayaks capsized when high winds hit river. police say conditions on the water were vicious and children were screaming for help. no one had to be taken to hospital >> the thankfully everybody in the kayaks were wearing life jackets. >> two kayak tour companies were issued citations for violating restrictions on operating watercraft in hazardous conditions >> in the south and the east and elsewhere in the midwest there was more blistering heat today and hundreds of thousands of people remained without power due to storm related damage. at least 13 deaths are blamed on the storms that forced the virginia west virginia and maryland ohio and washington d.c. to declare emergencies. more than two dozen cities in 10 states set or tied all-time record high temperatures on friday and saturday. and that heat wave continued today for millions of peop
teams used helicopters hoping to find his body this afternoon underwater effort was called off surface operation will continue tomorrow. south side church broken into as many as 10 times hit again. area south police headquarters with more police investigating another robbery. just last week everything taken not bolted down. about 10 of the churches air conditioning units stolen. sound system this time as well as computers even the food being set aside to prepare meals for the port. or. the ministry says the pastor dealing with medical issues barely able to deal with the latest break- in talking to wgn placing her faith now someone stepping forward to help. police catch up with the culprits. , a man serving a life sentence tonight 1995 murder fedell caffey convicted of killing and deborah evans killing her other two children lawyer fedell caffey said it right to put on a defense happen but prosecutors failed to disclose one of the members was allegedly buying drugs from a key witness in the case. state attorney declined to comment. calling this strike to taxicab drivers refusing to tak
hydrant. as wgn's tonya francisco tells us.. the little girl is recovering from wounds today at stroger hospital. latest report from the hospital is that the girl is in stable condition ... doctors have told her family that she will be okay and recover ... the 10 year-old was just trying to beat the heat last night by playing in an open fire hydrant when shots rang out before 1130 ... a neighbor said he had just gone inside when it happened ... >>there were shooting fireworks and a fire hydrant was on ... and the next thing i knew i heard a little child was shot ... >>she was hit in the stomach and the left wrist ... the mother's boyfriend who was outside watching her was hit in the right hand ... a friend brought them to west suburban medical center in oak park because of the severity of the injuries to the child she was transferred to stroger hospital she is expected to be ok ... she was one of 15 people shot since 5:00 last night ... back at the scene the hydrant is off the water has dried and the only sign something happened is all the crime scene tape hanging out of the garbage c
. >> stacy who? >> joining us now is our legal analyst, terry sullivan.... this idea of calling stacy peterson as a witness in these attorneys for the defense being so flippant ... will this work? >>the defense wants the idea put out there that there is no evidence by the prosecution ... i would not try a case this way and i would not be joking around about it before the advent of the trial ... >>this was initially classified an accidental drowning and no one is doing anything to protest the finding is this a huge element? >>yes it is ... they're hoping to get certain statements in their prosecution ... they hope it will be incriminating ... they believe they can get this in front of the jury ... a problem the prosecution has ... these are strong statements from drew peterson with these threats circumstantially ... and there @vis a pitfall it may get to a point where the witness comes up in the judge denies them the opportunity to use the hearsay statement the jury will say that the prosecution did not complete the submission of evidence ... and also important is the circumstances
welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's nancy loo is live on the near west side where a group of seniors have been suffering through the heat wave without air conditioning. nancy .... two people at this building had been hospitalized many senior citizens have not been able to escape the heat since sunday when the air conditioning broke down at the senior residents ... this woman's apartment was already 93 degrees this morning the air-conditioning for the 68 apartments at the senior building at roosevelt and loomis has been out since sunday essentially since the heat wave began >>it's unbelievably hard it is fortunate that i did not have a heart attack or something ... i have health issues most people here have health issues ... >>upon hearing the unbearable conditions aldermen helped from the city ... and the red cross has set up a cooling center within a room and the building ... >>even though you appreciate this, sleep is out of the question ... >>a second contractor is troubleshooting the parts problem with the air- condition
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he has seen ... >>my neighbor was nice and let us run a power cord to his generator ... officials say will be wednesday or thursday when power will be restored to the hardest-hit areas like elmhurst ... officials say could be as late as thursday ... it's dangerously hot out here this afternoon if you or someone knows where the cooling centers are you can access that information also at the wgn website ... >>slowly but surely com-ed crew members are restoring power to customers in the past hour alone more than 2000 residents saw their lights go back gone ... dupage county is still the hardest hit area with more than 38,000 customers without power in cook county more than 8000 homes and businesses are still on the dark kane county 99 will county 101 and lake county just 10 customers still waiting for their power to go back on as amy said com-ed is hoping to of all power back on line by tomorrow night ... the suit in wheaton is open today without electrical power that sue was closed on sunday and yesterday to clean up debris from those weekend storms officials are still waiting f
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are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's tonya francisco is live with what every homeowner needs to know. tonya: this is the worst drought that we have seen since 1962 we've seen the impact it's having on the grass and the trees but one place that's not always apparent as the foundation of your home the lack of moisture in the soil can cause her foundation to settle shift or crack when that happens you must call and the professionals ... it's not the sound and homeowner wants to hear the sound of a jackhammer in your basement it but it can happen and not all cases are as severe when that happens you need to figure out that the longer the problem goes unaddressed the bigger the problem will get ... >>by the house moving it can crack by the soil pulling away from home there are gaps for water to travel down along the foundation and into the home ... >>how long will it take to fix something like this >>it depends on the nature of the problem is simple crack can be repaired for a few hundred dollars interior or exterior but in this case this customer had a mor
of "the dark knight rises." 30 minutes into that movie, 41-year-old james eaglen holmes used an exit door to come in. >> someone came in all black, armor, threw a gas can in the audience it went off. then gunshots. >> in all, 58 people were injured and 12 died, among the wounded, a 4-month-old baby who's now been released from the hospital. her mother had gone to the movie with the baby and 4-year-old daughter. >> i'm not going to die in here. me and my kids we're not going to die in here. i need to get them out. i need to get out. all i could think is if i just stand up he's going to shoot. he was just shooting. and i was trying to think how i was going to get my kids out of there. >> and in this video you see panicked moviegoers rushing out. exactly how many rounds were fired police even at this point are not quite sure. they have learned more about the gunman, though. >> the suspect was dressed all in black. he was wearing a ballistics helmet. a tactical ballistic vest. ballistic leggings, a throat protector, a loin protect tofr and a gas mask. >> he had four wea
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it is very important to have something like this to give us something to believe in >> they are trying notto make us change >> he said a new community center would make a difference >> we used to play basketball every day there. the minute they shut it down most of the people i hung out with got shot >> it is everyone's responsibility. this march resembles that >> the pastor spent three months living on the roof of a motel to buy the building. now he is walking across the country to buildraise the money needed to build the community center >> this city walk ended here. on tuesday he will continue his walk to l.a. >> this shows you what can happen when we all work together for something positive. i think this will really help the community >> he is trying to raise $15 million to get the community center billuilt. walgreens said it they would match donations >> authorities believe a body pulled from lake michigan this morning is that of a missing north suburban woman. boats and divers from about 20 apartments began searching the forest park beach and along the shoreline in lake forest
northwest suburban crystal lake a heroes escort for the 27 year-old john lorimer a u.s. naval petty officer one of 12 that died last week when gunmen stormed a call ryder movie theater his hometown paid their respects with flags tears and silence as the sailors first passed by. >>hearse passed by. earlier a military support organization gathered to give him a proper service member escort, none of them knew him personally but they felt they had to be there drawn together by the tragedy that didn't just rattle a small illinois suburb, it shook the nation. when they go overseas we realized and we accept some grave consequences that can happen we don't expect a casualty officer to knock on our door at midnight and tell us that our child has been killed in a movie fear. the theater. sedermovie theater. a sailor suitsalute as they paid tribute to a life lost in a senseless shooting. this death was no longer a headline, it was personal john lorimer was one of their own. >> this young man today is america's son and we are all his family and we should all grief with him and be at one with his fam
'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's julian crews is live on the south side with details. we are seeing a new wrinkle in police tactics in a pair of chicago districts and this is a measure of how desperate the police superintendent and the mayor are to reduce the violence with out of the box thinking and a historic new campcollaboration between police and cease-fire a mediator for gangs ... >>this is a collaboration. >>bob jackson said it works ... an 18 year-old double shooting suspect turned himself in ... but his family says it's a case of mistaken identity. the young man they say has an alibi whatever the outcome of the cease-fire roseland group says its a good outcome ... >>in a historic pilot program chicago police and the cease- fire groups will be collaborating in the city's third and 10th districts that will work together to mediate between rival gangs to prevent retaliations ... it's a controversial idea police resisted this in the past been reluctant to get into the game of ne
to get used to this just relax slow down and walk calls for a well-being checks are down same time last year hard to believe the numbers for heat illnesses and heat related death is holding we are told prepared nest by the city but also by the public. >> changes to the weather as we speak tom skilling live in the weather center with more >> this front to barreling down the lake three hours ago western milwaukee. running out of steam as far south as waukegan continues to press to the south thunderstorms development scattered fashion tonight better chance whether the show 99 degrees missed the record midway hit 100 degrees. weather bug high temperatures george armstrong elementary school. cooler air on the way cities broke records today included in detroit to flint michigan indianapolis madison wisconsin all over 100 degrees. 24-hour temperature changes. look at the keep bouncing back over the weekend. >> fighting crime personal vehicles of that lost parking lot wgn authorities do not have surveillance video to help in the search for those responsible >> started early monday morning p
lucky. >> the police tcheef tells us it could take up to a week to restore power. meantime folks here hoping their power comes on much sooner. it's too hot to be without their air conditioning, they tul tell us. they say the village -- village will open up cooling centers if need be. >> thank you. coming up at 9:00, the latest on the wildfires in colorado and one woman's emotional escape from the flames. >> plus, republicans blast the supreme court ruling on the president's health care plan in their weekly address. >> and father pfleger has been given a new role within the community. >> hot and a chance for strong thunderstorms tomorrow. i'll have details and the forecast still ahead. and there's lots of cool stuff happening with progressive mobile. great! tyler here will show you everything. check out our new mobile app. now you can use your phone to scan your car's vin or take a picture of your license. it's an easy way to start a quote. watch this -- flo, can i see your license? no. well, all right. thanks. okay, here we go. whoa! no one said "che
prolific and the worst of it is right over us right now the lightning lets up as we go to the west and yet the rains continue. it looks like based on the width of this we'll get about an hour to an hour and a half of rain. there you can see the heaviest concentration of lightning coming across wheeling and into downtown chicago and the rest of cook county. this is the area where the storms have been producing hail. we can track that by looking at the amount of moisture in a column of air off the radar signature. so we can track where the most likely areas for hail have been. there is the wide view of this system. this is a little complex and there may be a second one that develops tomorrow afternoon, before we go into somewhat cooler drier air on saturday. only to heat up again over the weekend. thunderstorm warnings in the orange area. the watch in yellow, is in effect until 1:00 in the morning. here are some of the rain totals. glen view an early report of two inches of rain. winnetka, 1.63. north brook 1.83. some of these numbers skew high
last scorcher today. >> this has been something else 65 years putting this together will break us down a hot air dome will shrink as the jet stream buckles brings the flow from canada brings us much needed relief not today look at these hosts of states with record high temperatures some dating back to the 1930's. third consecutive record high temperature this weekend stay hot into the morning hours tomorrow looking at the temperatures how much the heat has concentrated over the cities. record high temperatures today indianapolis 105 degrees. other weather but temperatures phoenix and the south and south holland area 106 degrees. other high temperatures forest park well into the hundreds. looks like the fund front will come through tomorrow '80s along the shoreline 100 degrees in the southwestern suburbs. the front comes through the city about noon or 1:00. dropping to the '70s along the lakefront mid-80s and the southwest suburbs. that sunday temperatures 80 degrees and '70s on the shoreline incredibly hot back to look at whether or not the transition to cooler weather brings any much-
steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's julian crews is live at the rainbow push convention with our top story. julian? many say the congressman has an obligation given that he is up for reelection and has to serve his constituents currently in has been two weeks since he released a statement saying he was undergoing inpatient treatment for an unspecified condition then came the news that the ailment was more serious than believed it necessitating a medical leave from congress and then there were unconfirmed reports on what is ailing the congressman his handling of the matter stands in contrast to another member of the washington delegation from illinois senator mark kirk was offering full disclosure moments after he suffered his stroke back in january this is so raising questions about the way the congressman is handling his situation ... >>coming to the congressman's defense is former senator rowland perot'sland burris >>he certainly knows something about getting caught in a swirling media
to not think targeted no affiliations to any gangs chicago police tell us still looking at what percent could did the shooting. heavy rainfall high wind fast and hard this afternoon thunderstorms running through the city and suburbs locking down trees and power lines thousands left without power afternoon commute miserable. when it split trees and the kid park area 2 in. per hour huge puddles maybe not done with the rainfall yet tom skilling in the weather center >> after a 93 degrees today he did the atmosphere storms developed they can do that again tomorrow ahead of a near record heat satellite into the area sunday monday and tuesday near 100 degree temperatures possible. how long will that last? weekend forecast and storms coming up. at chicago pastor mission to build a youth center makes a pit stops at his own church. at tracking down on rogue drivers state police program going after motorcyclists to gauge dangerously drive dangerously on expressways. [♪...] >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend
acid and batman paraphernalia >> every ounce of evidence will help us hold this person accountable >> back near the movie theater a carpenter from illinois erected crosses for those killed. he did the same thing after columbine and other national tragedies >> this makes me angry because i am back here again >> the suspect is due in court tomorrow. still nothing on a possible motive >> and off-duty illinois state trooper is hospitalized and facing charges after a murder and attempted suicide early today in suburban westchester. the 31 year-old of chicago is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the shooting death of a 29 year- old. he was taken to the medical center in critical condition. he has been relieved from his police powers. they were attending an eighth grade graduation party at the westchester home. police say he then turned the gun on himself >> police are looking for the hit-and-run driver who struck and killed a man in suburban franklin park early today. the victim was a 41 year-old hit by a pickup truck near minneapolis avenue. he was pronounced dead a
bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. this is the first time the public has seen james holmes since his arrest. his hair dyed bright orange... the 24-year old was somber during the brief court appearance in colorado. sitting beside him was his court-appointed defense attorney. holmes will be held without bond until his next court appearance on july 30th. at that time... he's expected to be formally charged in the deadly shooting spree. the county district attorney says the victims' families will be consulted before a decision is made on seeking the death penalty for holmes. >>there is so much that the victims have to take into account there will be impacted by the decision in a big way for many years if the death penalty is sought is a very long process that impact their lives for >> the district attorney says despite the overwhelming evidence collected against holmes so far... they will work diligently to get justice for the victims. a sailor from crystal lake was killed... and a teacher from lake bluff was injured in
us to do? and i think that he would want us to celebrate his life. to not be really, really sad because that's not the kind of perp john was. john was a happy person. and so i'm going to be personally celebrating his life and everything that he did both for other people, for the south community he's just a very special young man. >> funeral arrangements are pending. according to the family statement his brother is currently in denver working with the navy to bring his remains back home to illinois. >> and the man who experienced first-hand the horrific theater shooting in colorado was steve that you're seeing. who was watching the movie when smoke and gunfire filled the theater. a 27-year-old special ed teacher was shaproning a group of 11 youngsters in town for conference. they were next door to theater nine where the gunman opened fire. one of the teen aged boys with him was also injured and he took him to safety. we spoke to him and here's what he had to say. >> you can't let something like this scare you. you can't let a person that an
who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. cnn's elizabeth corridan has more on our top story. it's another blow to penn state as the report went public ... >>these said and sobering findings prove total disregard for the welfare of these victims by the most senior leaders of penn state university the most powerful men there failed to take any steps for 14 years to protect the children sandusky victimized ... >>the former vice president and university president singled out along with the athletic director and joe paterno himself ... they've covered up the sandusky activities from leadership of the university and displayed asapa blatant disregard for the welfare of those victims ... the penn state community is looking forward to moving beyond the scandal >>we don't want to let this define us or the actions of those individuals to finance >>dozens of charges against jerry sandusky for abusing young boys over 15 year-old. of time has him in jail ... the paterno family has released a statement through a spokesman .... saying it appreciates "the effort th
. wgn news @ 9 most of us preparing to celebrate fourth of july thousands: with no electricity temperatures continue to rise. top story around the country tonight live with more of those without power are dealing with the heat >> clean up from the weekend storm continues now under excessive heat watch com ed says still 22,000 customers without power those who did not have a generator busy all day throwing out food with refrigerators now preparing for another hot long and uncomfortable night. day three with no power for family thousands still sweating it out after sunday's storm widespread damage at the suburbs. working around the clock tower completely restored, doing everything possible to get customers back in service the heat does not help these situations. the heatwave left more than 700 people dead in chicago. book wrote about the disaster >> response was catastrophic the city had emergency plan that developed and they have for got to nobody activated went on used many lessons from 1995 heat wave want it take heat wave seriously >> the city has done a better job of com
are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's nancy loo joins us live from the newsroom with the latest on our top story: the theater was packed with moviegoers of all ages, including babies, when the gunman opened fire after getting into the complex through an exit door. police took 24 year-old james holmes into custody soon after the midnight massacre but the motive is still not known. holmes was a graduate student at the university of colorado but reportedly dropped out last month. the new batman movie was well underway at the century 16 complex in the denver suburb of aurora when the deadly chaos broke out towards the front of theater 8. cell phone video captured some of the frantic moments after the massacre. witnesses say the gunman was wearing a gas mask and detonated two canisters of some type of gas before opening fire on the unsuspecting audience. police say holmes was armed with a rifle and pistol when they arrested him without incident behind the theater. his apparent vehicle was searched. holmes told police that he had explosives at this apartm
sweltering temperatures all kinds of problems. the habit the heat is causing us. >> those most vulnerable in our communities. after the power went out ross should be open tomorrow precaution bottles of water exited into the key to the 32,500 animals not affected back up generators right away. >> air conditioners are working safety devices are working called it a day. >> extreme heat causing problems on the road and the rails. early this morning crews working on the toll rose about and columbus st. buckled because of the heat could be fixed tomorrow street already close to taste of chicago. 10-15 minute delays on the trend systemwide for the next few days because of the heat. trains have to slow down to compensate for heat related stress. the rainfall cool things off briefly temperatures rose again quickly. >> state clearest terms possible extreme heat and humidity more than just in canadians. dangerous and could be deadly >> delivering meals to seniors double duty checking on the elderly. home-based services to check on seniors and inquire about their well-being. task force 70 public
us around the country on wgn america and on the web. there are 165,000 comed customers, and more than 60,000 "nipsco" clients without electricity. here's a breakdown of the comed power outages: 45,000 in chicago... 62,000 in the western suburbs... 41,000 in the southern suburbs... and 17,000 in the northern suburbs. 340 crews are working to restore their electricity. com ed has an outage map, and you can find a link on at: over in indiana, the number of "nipsco" customers without power is at 62,000. the utility company says the restoration effort will take several days. wgn's nancy loo is live in chicago's bridgeport neighborhood... where a huge tree fell down onto a house. it was at the height of the storm this morning that sent this decade's old tree falling down on this home in bridgeport the home is in the powers family for decades dating back over 100 years the tree was 75 years old 40 ft. tall in spite of the damage and property loss the powers are relieved that nobody got hurt but they are both shaken >>the dog began to bark i went up to see what woul
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